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Since 1979, former owner and wine enthusiast Jan Bruse Andersen has spent a lot of time and energy realizing a dream of building up one of the world’s most complete wine collections.

Park Hotel Vossevangen AS is proud that Jan Bruse Andersen’s dream has been realized, and we now have one of the world’s largest and finest wine cellars with over 47,000 bottles in the collection. The collection covers most of the wine world and includes more than 7,000 labels.

We believe that wine can tell a story, and each bottle is a unique experience, one that we’re eager to share with you.

Partake in the story that each wine bottle can tell, from the young and sparkling to the more subtle character of mature wine.

We take pride in giving the wine the time it needs to reach its full potential, allowing it to tell its story in the best way possible.

In recent years, the cellar has been managed by Francesco Marzola. Francesco Marzola was the winner of Norway’s best sommelier in 2020 and “Scandinavia’s best sommelier” in 2018.

Today, the cellar is overseen by the Johansen twins, who were formerly apprentices of Francesco, ensuring that the cellar is in good hands:

Robert R. R. Johansen – Head Sommelier

Reidar R. R. Johansen – Wine Director

Remi Asenci – Sommelier




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