Wine Cellar


The story started back in 1979 with the former owner Jan-Bruse Andersen, with a dream to create one of the best and unique wine cellar in the world…

Today we are proud to present one of Scandinavias most extensive wine list, which consists of more than 45,000 bottles, distributed among 6,700 different labels. A collection that’s built broad and deep around the classic areas, with a focus including the “new world” recent years, which has results in a more diverse yet complete wine list.

Andersen sold Park Hotel Vossevangen including the wine cellar in 2021, but the philosophy continues.

We strive to offer wines in all price ranges, regardless of style, age and taste, providing memories and value to our guests.

The wines ONLY sourced through reliable importers, todays collection is the result of a special collaboration across the years. This is so that the guest can be confident about the wine’s storage and history. We believe every bottle has a story to tell, from the grapes in the vineyards, to the craft behind each individual bottle, to the patience as they rest in our cellar. 

This is the story we want to share.

Due to the time and care a bottle need to express itself once opened, we kindly ask to order at least the day before.

Robert R. R. Johansen
Head Sommelier

Reidar R. R. Johansen
Wine Director

Remi Asenci

Eva Sanchez
Junior Sommelier

THe Cellar List

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