Wine Cellar


Since 1979 hotel owner and wine enthusiast, Jan-Bruse Andersen, has spent a lot of time and effort to achieve the dream of building one of the greatest and most complete wine collection in the world.

Today we are proud to be Scandinavia's biggest and best wine cellar with over 40.000 bottles stored in our wine cellar. 

Our wine selection covers pretty much the whole wine world and has 5300 different labels!

We believe that wine has a story to tell and that each bottle is a unique experience, a unique feeling, that we would love to share with you.

Take part of the story that each individual bottle has to tell in the different stages of its life, from the young exuberancy, to the more subtle character of a mature one.

We are proud to give our wine the time it needs to develop its best potential, so that it can speak its story at the best of its ability.

Today the tradition and the caretaker of the cellar is carried on by our Wine Director, Francesco Marzola, the winner of the titles Norway's Best sommelier 2020 and Scandinavia's Best Sommelier 2018, together with his young team of talented sommeliers, so we can take really good care of you while you visit us.

Due to the time and care a bottle need to express itself once opened, we kindly ask to order at least one day before arrival.

We look forward to have you as a guest! 


Francesco Marzola                 Wine Director                                                                         

Robert Rosales Johansen       Sommelier

Reidar Rosales Johansen        Sommelier



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