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Vossevangen Boliger AS has commenced sales.
Great location right beside Vangsvatnet lake

If you would like to live in the heart of Voss, see the brochure here.

Contact Proaktiv Voss at (+47) 92 03 79 44 for more information and the brochure.

bildekollage vinbilder

Magnificent Voss

One of Norway’s largest wine collections is found in a hotel cellar in Voss. It is so impressive that it has secured its owner a reputation far beyond Norway’s borders.

You are probably aware that little Voss has a lot to offer the world. Top alpine athletes, extreme sports activities, a jazz festival and scorched sheep’s heads. And it’s probably someone from Voss who keeps reminding you of these facts. If you don’t know anyone from Voss yourself, it is impossible not to come across them on the TV screen or on the radio; they’re everywhere and they won’t stop talking about how great Voss is. The thing that some people think is the very greatest thing about Voss is, for some reason or another, rarely mentioned. It’s simply there. In Vossevangen, the heart of the town, one of Norway’s biggest and best wine collections well hidden in a cool hotel cellar.

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Jan E. Bruse wading in wine

Wading in expensive wine in Voss

Local hotel with 80,000 bottles in its cellar.

VOSS (Dagbladet newspaper): A hunt for exclusive wine proves worth the journey.

We headed across the mountains and down into a cellar in Vossevangen.
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Jan E. Bruse med vinflaske

One of the world’s best wine cellars

Park Hotel Vossevangen has one of the world’s best wine cellars. However, the kitchen, which mostly caters for tourists and conferences, means that the hotel doesn’t make it into the world’s best restaurants with respect to the wine list.

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